Izdanci češnjaka berba 2022


2,65  (19,97 kn)


At the beginning of June, the garlic begins to push shoots that we tear off and put in all possible dishes. It has a weaker taste than garlic heads, but it goes incredibly well with vegetables in stews. In salads, it gives a garlic flavor without covering all other flavors, while in scrambled eggs it is a real discovery. Shoots are great for frying instead of red onions when preparing all dishes. After cooking, the sprouts, as they are very rich in fiber, add to the volume of stews and sauces. The only "problem" is the very short season (June-July).

For raw food/vegetarians/vegans?



Stews, salads, fried eggs, soups, we are still exploring.

Special notes:

Freezing and thawing does not lose its texture, so we recommend that you immediately freeze what you do not plan to eat in the next two weeks after harvesting.

Best before:

Up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.


- Pušlek
- 250 g